lyrics by Hue Park
music by Will Aronson
book by Moon-Won Lee, Hue Park & Will Aronson

Bungee Jump is an adaptation of the 2001 South Korean film 번지점프를하다. The show takes place simultaneously in two time periods: In the summer of 1983, Inwoo and TaeHee meet and begin to fall in love, but eventually are separated by a tragic accident. 17 years later, Inwoo is a high school Korean teacher who starts to believe that popular student HyunBin is somehow, impossibly, the reincarnation of TaeHee.

Bungee Jump opened on July 14th, 2012 at the 1000-seat Blue Square Theater in Seoul, and subsequently won Best Score at both of Korea's major awards events: the 18th annual 'Korea Musical Awards' at Seoul Olympic Park, and the 7th annual 'The Musical Awards,' at the National Theatre of Korea. A second production opened on September 27, 2013 at Yonkang Hall, and has been followed by more than two dozen college and amateur productions.

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