book by Hannah Kohl
lyrics by Daniel Maté
music by Will Aronson

In Hansel & Gretl & Heidi & Günter, Gretl is a single mom living in modern day Chicago, still suffering the post-traumatic stress of her fairytale childhood. She can't resist stuffing her kids' pockets full of pebbles, spraying them with deer musk to hide their human scent from witches, and imposing a strict no-sugar policy. Her kids - Heidi and Günter - are fed up with their mom's strange customs and senseless rules, and dream of a normal childhood. But when their long lost Uncle Hansel shows up at their doorstep, they discover both the thrill and the burden of inheriting a complicated family legacy. 

Hansel & Gretl & Heidi & Günter is the recipient of a NAMT development grant, and was featured in the Village Theater's 2018 Festival of New Musicals, directed by Victoria Clark.  

Listen to some piano demos HERE